The Perfect Ceremony

Go anywhere you want and you'll have the sound you need. I use a lithium battery powered system with high quality sound and microphones. It allows you to go anywhere you would like. 

Fun Introductions

Your formal introduction will start the party off right. You can choose from many different styles and ways to be announced. We will work together to get just what you want. 

Amazing First Dances

The first dance is the special moment that everyone is waiting for. Choose a great song and let the magic begin. 

Wedding traditions done right

Toasts, Cake Cutting, Photo Race, Shoe Game, Bouquet toss, etc... we've got you covered on anything you choose for your day. Picking out traditions that fit your family and those that don't is an important part of the planning process.

Time to Dance!!

Celebrate with the all-time best party songs and today's biggest hits! Let's create a musical experience for your best day ever!

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